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Get your RSA Online statement of attainment on the same day.  RSA Online training is available 24/7 via this site and qualified trainers are available to help with your RSA Online training during business hours via a free 1300 phone number.

RSA Online Details

  • RSA Online One fee - no additional fees or charges.
  • RTO #6127 is an official provider of RSA Online 
  • You can start RSA online training in 2 minutes.
  • You can print your RSA Online PDF statement of attainment on the same day, once you successfully complete your training, which may require speaking to a trainer.
  • Qualified online RSA trainers are available on 1300 toll free number during business hours.
  • The statement of attainment issued is valid in QLD, WA, SA, NT ACT & TAS. 

Why students really value the “refusal of service” in our RSA Online

A key part of responsible service of alcohol is, occasionally, having to refuse service to a person who is showing signs of intoxication.  

Many students have told us that, before doing our online RSA course, they were worried about how they would deal with aggressive, intoxicated people who may not take no for an answer when refused service.  To help people face this challenge, we’ve developed a series of interactive video scenarios that allow you to practice refusal of service. This is useful and important because it gives you to an opportunity to:

  • Consider and apply your RSA training in work-like scenarios,
  • Explore and learn from a range of “refusal of service” scenarios, and
  • Be more confident and prepared for real-world “refusal of service” situations

Many students say they feel much more confident about “refusal of service” after completing these interactive scenarios, and that it is one of the best aspects of our Online RSA course.  Student feedback has been so positive that we’ve doubled the number of interactive scenarios available for you to practice refusal of service. 

RSA Online Value for Money

We provide high quality online RSA training at an economical price. We’ve been delivering our RSA Online for over 10 years, and based on student feedback we’re always taking steps to make our course and services even better.

There are sometimes cheaper RSA online courses available, but these prices tend to be based on lower quality courses and services – and so they can wind up costing you much more in time, inconvenience, and frustration.

Many thousands of students have considered the alternatives, and then chosen our Online RSA training. Here’s some of the reasons they’ve chosen us above other offerings.

  • Students value our interactive video simulations – these help students learn key concepts, and to see how they relate to real-world work situations. Students also say simulations help them develop confidence in important areas of RSA, for example, refusal of service. We use a range of modern approaches to e-learning, so that you can have an effective learning experience. This quality of materials and approach tends to be missing from lower-quality courses, and you could just wind up being asked to make sense of a stack of PDF documents.
  • Our Online RSA really is 100% online – you can access our course content, videos, simulations and assessments online 24/7, via an internet-connected phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Lower-level RSA providers can have a different idea of “online” – sometimes interpreting it as distributing study documents and doing assessments via email, or having course materials that are only web-based and can’t be accessed via mobile or tablet devices.
  • Real help from a qualified RSA trainer - if you’re studying our RSA online and need help with a topic, you can phone our qualified RSA trainers on a 1300 toll free during business hours. In contrast, lower-quality RSA providers might leave you with answering machines, lost time, and extended delays whilst you pay for the call.
  • Same day RSA Statement of Attainment - we’ve done a lot of work to streamline the required paperwork and processes so that you get your online RSA Statement of attainment (certificate) on the same day that you complete the training. This means you get a PDF certificate to prove to an employer you have your RSA. This is ideal if you’re responding to an immediate job opportunity, or if you’re putting in a job application.
  • Engaging and interesting content that helps you learn – our online RSA course uses games, videos and scenarios to help you learn. It’s like the difference a good teacher makes – we use a range of modern approaches to e-learning, so that you can have an engaging and effective learning experience. This quality of materials and approach tends to be missing from lower-quality courses, and you could just wind up being stuck with old-style learning: having to read through page after page in a stack of PDF documents.
  • Proper RSA accreditation for your state or territory - our Online RSA course deliveries are managed by a government-accredited registered training organisation, and we have this accreditation for each Australian state and territory. (also in Victoria, where RSA is provided in-class instead of online). This is important because, in some cases, low-cost RSA providers will not be registered to provide valid RSA training and accreditation for your state or territory.
  • Be confident you’re getting the correct RSA training for your state or territory – there are differences in RSA training requirements across Australian states and territories.  We have this covered – our courses contain the specific elements that are required for your particular state or territory.
  • Independent Customer Reviews – we’ve included independent customer reviews on our site, so you can confirm the high ratings and feedback that our past students have given us.
  • The quality of your online RSA training really matters! Our online RSA course content is government accredited and reviewed. And we’re constantly working to keep it up-to-date with changes to legal and training requirements. This is important because penalties around the responsible service of alcohol can involve fines fines of up to $60,000 for you and your employer.
  • Honest pricing - no hidden fees – the prices we quote include are complete. A number of students have chosen us after finding that cheaper providers have had hidden fees or expectations that they buy extra training that  they didn’t want or need.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee (link)
  • Internet security - Secure Payment Gateway – we provide a secure and trusted payment gateway to safeguard your payment details.

Why are we No 1 for Online RSA Training?

  • We were one of the first companies to deliver RSA Online in Australia
  • Our average overall student satisfaction score is above 9/10, from over quarter of a million students 
  • You will have fun with Interactive videos for life like practice of refusal of service scenarios
  • 100% RSA online with same day RSA statement of attainment in PDF format
  • Start training in 2 minutes rather than waiting for emails and registration
  • Qualified RSA online trainers are available via 1300 free telephone support
  • Satisfaction or your money back we guarantee it - *conditions apply
  • Delivered by an authorised RSA online provider RTO # 6127
  • RSA online 6 state, statement of attainment available for WAQLDSANTTAS and the ACT - see each state page for details
  • Optional RSA Online for NSW
  • Engaging & entertaining RSA online material with videos, narrationscenariossimulations & games
  • iPad, Android, Mac & PC compatible 
  • Free introduction to wine course valued at $19.99 included with all RSA online courses
  • Carbon Neutral online RSA because your RSA should not cost the earth