RSA Online Queensland - Reference Resources

The following resources relate to RSA in Queensland. They’re provided here in case you want to find out more about Online RSA training, or RSA-related activities and regulations.

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A one-page fact sheet on alcohol and minors, produced by the QLD Dept of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (2010).

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This fact sheet outlines the various issues, infringements and penalties under Queensland's Liquor Act 1992. (Produced by the Queensland Government, 2010).

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A fact sheet explaining 3am Lockout and related penalties, produced by the Queensland Government (2010).

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This fact sheet explains advertising bans related to drink promotions in Queensland, produced by the Queensland Government (2010).

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Provides information, emergency contact numbers, and advice numbers in relation to drink spiking. Details are provided for all States.

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This fact sheet provides various information on liquor licenses in the Brisbane City Council area (Queensland Government, 2010)

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The Queensland Liquor Act, as at 1 July 2013.

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Queensland - Liquor Act 1992 - Liquor Regulation 2002, as at 26 July 2013.