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RSA NSW ONLINE course with NSW specific content.  We are an Official NSW Online RSA Government approved trainer for the 'Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol' course and one of the few offering a 100% online RSA course. 

It takes just 2 minutes to begin your NSW RSA online. Start now and receive your online RSA certificate today*. You'll be qualified to work by tonight.

RSA Online NSW 100% ONLINE save up to $100*
  • RSA Online for NSW must include a national SITHFAB002 competency valid in WA, QLD, ACT, NT & SA and the wine course is free. 


  • Price includes the new $85 government fee  for a photo competency card. WARNING some providers only charging $70.
  • Price includes the national statement of attainment SITHFAB002
  • 100% RSA online course - stop and start as you please 24/7.
  • 9/10 satisfaction rating by over 250,000 students.
  • Lifelike simulated bar environments. 
  • Practice refusal of service with interactive videos.
  • Not valid for international students on a subclass 500 Visa 

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Carbon neutral RSA training payment cards accepted

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RSA NSW Online Summary

  • RSA NSW Online One fee - No additional fees or charges. Includes $70 photo ID card.
  • 5 Star Hospitality Training RTO# 45332 is an official provider of RSA Online with the NSW government. 
  • This RSA online course covers specific content for New South Wales Australia.
  • You can start training in 2 minutes and complete your NSW training the same day!
  • Qualified NSW RSA trainers are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and will answer queries immediately if available or will call back within 30 minutes if on another call. 
  • RSA via correspondence is no longer allowed by L&G NSW
  • It is a mandatory NSW government requirement that you spend at least 30 minutes studying each online section there is enough online training and supporting documentation for approximately 6-8 hours of online training and additional reading materials are also available.  
  • As part of NSW Government online integrity measures you will need to upload a signed and witnessed statutory declaration and photo identification. We provide you with the form needed and a list of places where you can get the form properly signed and witnessed. You can take a photo with your phone or use a scanner and upload this before completing the last section of the course. 
  • If you complete your RSA online before 4:30pm on a business day we will apply for your 'Interim RSA Certificate' from L&G NSW and send you the interim certificate that night.
  • Please read our student guide (PDF, 10.8mb) or more about your rights.
  • You can find out more information about the NSW Government's RSA online requirement on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.
  • Carbon Neutral Online RSA because your RSA should not cost the earth.
  • If you are renewing your RSA competency card, you need to do a refresher course - and not our Online RSA course. Click here to find out more about the NSW RSA online refresher course.
  • Bundled courses must be completed by the same student, and each course can be completed independently of others. 

Why is the NSW online RSA so expensive compared with other states?

Unlike other states & territories NSW requires a photo ID card to be issued. Our price includes the $70 government charge + credit card fees for the production of this ID card.  Competitors may be offering the course via alternative correspondence methods which can be more onerous and time consuming for you.  The NSW government has put in place strict online RSA delivery requirements and this has led to additional development and training requirements which are also reflected in the new NSW online course cost. These include rigorous ID checking, having qualified trainer on staff, higher free text marking, extra monitoring to prevent and detect cheating, and controls for minimum study times.  Access to 100% online training should help you reduce time off work and travel costs.  For bulk training discounts for 10 or more courses please contact us

Expiry of NSW paper RSA Certificates

All paper RSA certificates expired on the 30th June 2016.  All holders of a paper RSA certificate must redo their RSA training (our RSA online) and apply for a new photo ID card. If you are caught working with an expired RSA qualification you and your employer risk being fined by NSW Police or inspectors from Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Who needs a Photo ID Competency Card?

The new NSW RSA photo ID Competency Card is essential for anyone in NSW who:

  • serves alcohol
  • sells alcohol
  • supplies alcohol
  • is a licensee
  • is a crowd controller
  • works as security staff

The RSA Online Traveller Bundle (valid in 6 extra states and territories)

NSW national online RSA Nationally recognised

This is a nationally recognised statement of attainment (SITHFAB002) that is valid in the ACT, QLD, WA, SA & NT

Note: This Online RSA is not included in the RSA+ or RSA NSW++ bundles - only the Traveller Bundle

All Online RSA's are NOT the Same!

With online RSA training you get what you pay for so please watch out for the following issues when comparing the value of our  course with competitors:

  • Is the NSW online RSA course they are offering 100% online or will you need to do your training via email correspondence?
  • Does the NSW online RSA course fee include the $70 competency card fee?
  • If you get stuck doing assessments in the NSW online RSA course will you be able to get unlocked quickly?
  • If you need to speak with a trainer will you be able to speak with a real person or just have to interact with a robot?
  • If you do need to call a trainer will you have to pay for the call or is it a 1300 number?
  • Will you get your NSW online RSA certificate the same day that you do the online rsa course?
  • Is the provider approved to deliver NSW online RSA by L&G NSW and do they display the online RSA approved training provider 2017/2018 logo?
  • Do they stand by their product and offer you a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked?
  • Do they just read out a PDF and put you to sleep or will you get simulated environments to practice refusing service and gain confidence?
  • Is there an independent customer review ratings for their NSW online RSA training and comments from satisfied customers on the site?
  • Are they offering an option for an additional national statement of attainment if you want to work in other States and Territories?



  • Australian residential and postal address 
  • Broadband Internet
  • Latest version of a compatible web browser: Chrome (works best
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Either: Microphone and/or video camera or telephone for submitting refusal responses
  • A desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or large size smart phone (7cm x 12cm). Note with iPhones you will need to click "Done" for each video sequence.  More details

What you will learn

With up to 6 hours of engaging online content and an additional 50 hours of supplementary reading there is plenty of material available for you to understand how to: 

  • Legally sell, serve and promote alcohol
  • Measure standard drinks and advise patrons
  • Assess and monitor the levels of intoxication of patrons
  • Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assess alcohol-affected customers and identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused
  • Refuse to provide alcohol to intoxicated patrons
  • Detect and prevent underage drinking

Your Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Starting from the 1st of January 2015, the federal government added a requirement that everyone undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

During our course enrolment process you will be asked to provide your USI – or if you don’t already have one, we help you through the process of applying for your USI online. It is essential that the details you provide when applying for your USI match with the details and primary ID that you provide to us when you enrol for our Online RSA. This is because these details must match for your statement of attainment to be validated by the Government system, otherwise this may cause issues with the validity of your qualification.  

In rare circumstances, you may need to speak directly with the government staff to provide further details. We will notify you if this is the case. 


(For more detail, see our FAQ section on USI)

Roles and Quality Assurance (NSW)

5 Star Hospitality Training RTO#45332 is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment that you will receive.. If you successfully complete the online RSA training, 5 Star Hospitality Training is responsible for issuing you with a valid interim certificate or statement of attainment. 

How will you be assessed?

This online RSA training is broken into several topics or sections.  At the end of each section a quiz is presented and you will be required to answer all questions correctly online.  If you get a question wrong you will be directed to review the course material, and then you will have an opportunity to re-attempt the question.  If you give the wrong answer another two times you will be locked out of the quiz.  At this point you will need to contact our qualified RSA trainer for assistance. Case studies and a simulated bar environment require you to implement what you have learned in typical online practical scenarios, making up the skills assessment component. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol and to satisfy the requirements for the responsible sale and service of alcohol under NSW legislation.

How long will the assessments take?

Approximate timings on each of the formal assessment tasks are:

  • Section 1 - 15 minutes
  • Section 2 - 30 minutes
  • Section 3 - 15 minutes
  • Section 4 - 15 minutes
  • Section 5 - 15 minutes

Learning skills required

To ensure you receive an adequate level of support with your training and assessment, please consider the following questions.
Do you consider yourself to have any disability, special needs, reading or writing difficulties that may have an impact on your ability to complete this online course?
Do you believe you have the literacy skills to read and interpret documents such as:

  • Identification (ID) cards?
  • Proof of age cards and driver’s licences?
  • Statutory signage and warning signs?
  • Wording within advertising or promotional material, such as in‑house policies and procedures and any other general plain English regulatory and advisory information issued by local, or state and territory liquor licensing authorities?

Do you believe that you have the numeracy skills to:

  • Measure and calculate standard drinks or samples and calculate blood alcohol levels to determine alcohol consumption?
  • If you are not confident that you already have these learning skills, have disabilities or special needs, or if you think you might have difficulties with online training, contact us and we will explore arrangements to assist you in your training. This might include the option of face to face training, if it is available in your area.

Existing experience

If you feel that you have existing skills, knowledge and experience to meet the unit of competency and assessment requirements  we may be able to offer you a tailored learning pathway. Please contact us for further consultation.

RSA New South Wales - Reference Resources

The following resources relate to RSA in New South Wales. They’re provided here in case you want to find out more about Online RSA training, or RSA-related activities and regulations.

Or follow this link for more Resources on RSA Online training in New South Wales.