RSA NSW OLGR Requirements

Who needs to do RSA training in NSW?

If you are working (or planning to work) in a venue that serves alcohol, you need RSA certification to do any of the following roles:

  • Licensee
  • Secretary of a registered club
  • Staff (any industry employee, agent, contractor or volunteer, or person acting on behalf of the licensee ie approved managers and high-risk managers) who sell, supply, or serve alcohol on the licensed premises
  • (any industry employee, agent, contractor or volunteer, or person acting on behalf of the licensee ie approved managers and high-risk managers) Staff who perform crowd control or bouncer activities
  • RSA marshals, if they are required in the venue by law or licence condition.
Is Online delivery of RSA permitted in NSW?

At this moment no but it is likely that in early 2015 that online RSA will come back online. 

RSA was allowed to be delivered online in NSW for two years up until February 2014.  Unfortunately it was suspended during the political debate about "one punch knockouts". During that time some one reported to the news papers that their son had done the online training for them.  Despite this being fraudulent Premier Barry O'farrell declared a suspension of online RSA while this "integrity" issue was investigated.  An consultancy was engaged by OLGR and industry,  associations and training providers were engaged in the survey.  The results of the survey and recommendations have been put to the minister   

Which Government body is responsible for RSA in NSW?

In New South Wales (NSW) the body responsible for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is the;

Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR)


Phone: 02 9995 0300


Does NSW accept the National unit of competency SITHFAB201?


Unlike Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, NSW do not recognise the national standard SITHFAB201 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol obtained in other states and territories. 

Instead OGLR NSW have worked with TAFE NSW to created their own content specifically for NSW laws and regulations and it is a mandatory requirement that all registered training organisations deliver the OLGR NSW material both in class and when permitted online.

Even though OLGR NSW do not recognise RSA courses developed to the SITHFAB201 national standard they require registered training organisations to create assessments against their content and map it to the national SITHFAB201 standard. Since the NSW content does not cover all of the other states, if an RTO is only delivering the OLGR NSW content, it is inappropriate for RTO's to issue the national SITHFAB201 certificate. 

NSW OLGR interim RSA certificate

Once a student passes an assessment based on the OLGR NSW course material developed by an approved Registered Training Organisation that training organisation must apply to the NSW OLGR for an interim RSA certificate for the student.  Once OLGR NSW provide the interim RSA certificate the  RTO can then provide the student with a copy of the interim RSA certificate which is valid for 90 days.  

NSW OLGR photo competency id card

A photo competency card must be obtained by the student within 90 days of issue of the interim certificate by making a booking through a participating Australian Post store by calling 13 POST or using a Post office locator. The cost of the RSA photo ID card is $70 and has been included in the cost of the training.  Once you have made a booking you must take a copy of your interim certificate and 100 points of photo ID with you.  Once you have a photo ID card it is valid for 5 years.