Technical Details

I lost or forgot my Username/password - can I retrieve it?

Yes. Please return to the student login page and click the Forgot Username or Password?


Do I need to install software? 

To ensure your training goes smoothly, we recommend you use our preferred browser Google Chrome. If you do not have this on your computer already you can download it for no cost and should only take a minute or two. 

click here to download Google Chrome


Do I need high speed internet or speakers?

There are some large movie files you will need to watch.   You need to have a reasonable broadband connection.   There is voice over commentary within the course and you will require speakers if you wish to listen to these.


Can I use a Mac or PC

You should find that with our preferred browser the course runs well on Google Chrome.


Can I use an iPad / Tablet or phone to complete my Training?

The training works on Ipads and tablets - if you have any issues navigating or viewing the course we recommned downloading the Google Chrome browser for your iphone or tablet. click here to download Google Chrome or search in the App Store or Google Play.

Whilst the training will work on mobile phones it is only practical to view and do the training on larger format phones such as the iphone Plus and larger Androids ie with screen size 7cm x 12cm

When completing the interactive video training using an iphone you will need to click the "Done" button for each video sequence to access the navigation buttons.  You can also reset the screen by clicking the full screen button see example below;

During RSA video simulations click the done button



Is there training support if I get stuck?

Yes. Qualified trainers are available during business hours via email or telephone and after hours support is available via a self help and ticketing system. Please send the following information in your email requesting assistance

The section Quiz that you need support with

The question/s that you are having difficulty with

Your name, email address  and contact number