Payment Options

What are my payment options?

Purchases from this site will be listed on your statement as paid to eLearning Portal.
You have a choice between using PayPal or Credit card. If you would like to arrange a direct deposit, send a cheque or send a purchase order instead, please contact us to have this arranged.

Can someone else buy the RSA online course with their credit card and then use a different name for the student?

Yes. The billing information is separate from the student registration. When payment has been made, an email is sent out to you with instructions on how to get started, along with your enrolment code. When you click on the enrolment code in that email, it takes you to the student registration page. You will need to click on the Begin Registration button.

NOTE: when you click on the Begin Registration button, it is very important that you register the details of the person who is to do the course. The billing information can be in anyone’s name, but the registration on the student site (after payment has been made) must be in the name of the student completing the course.

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

The enrolment fee is the only cost - there are no hidden charges. If you make a mistake you will be given an opportunity to keep re-doing the assessment without having to pay any additional fees. You can also be referred to speak to a trainer to discuss a question in one of your Quizzes; this is also without having to pay any additional fee.

Is the payment gateway secure?

Yes. We use eWAY and PAYPAL and we have not had any problems from tens of thousands of online transactions.

How much is the course?

Choose your State/Territory from the list below to view information about the Online RSA course, including course fees.

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Can I purchase multiple RSA courses and get a discount?

Yes. If you purchase 10 or more courses a 10% discount applies. On the checkout screen, there is an option to choose the quantity you require.

For employers/managers wanting to put multiple staff members through the training, we can also provide a special type of account called a Training Administrator Account. With this type of account you can bulk purchase courses, allocate course codes to staff and monitor their training progress.  To see a short video (2 mins) about our training administrator accounts please click here.