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Note: If you did your training with another training provider we can not help you reprint your certificate.  Please call your specific training provider.

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Q. Does New South Wales (NSW) allow online RSA?

A. No currently it has been suspended which changes are made due to recent legislative changes  for details click here

Q. Does Queensland allow online RSA?

A. Yes for details click here

Q. Does Western Australia allow online RSA?

A Yes for details click here

Q. I have lost my RSA certificate & and can not remember who I did it with can you help?

A. If you did your training with us please login and get your certificate, if you did your training with someone else unfortunately we can not help you other than to suggest you redo your training online.

Q. Is my old certificate still valid?

A. 'National' RSA Certificates do not have an expiry date however, there is a requirement that qualifications are ‘current’.

NSW paper based certificates issued before 2006 have expired.  All NSW Paper certificates are due to expire read more

To be valid certificates must contain;

  1. a recognised unit code appropriate to your industry and State eg SITHFAB201 which replaces SITHFAB009a
  2. a code or a name of an approved training provider for that State. 

For detailed requirements for each State and approved training providers see below;

Western Australia - click here

Queensland - click here

Northern Territory - click here

South Australia -click here

New South Wales - click here

Australian Capital Territory - click here

If you can't find what you are looking for online contact your council to check if they will accept the code and the date of your certificate.

Q. Does my state or territory accept online RSA training?

A. Each state and territory has different requirements:
QLD, SA, WA, and NT all accept a national standard called SITHFAB201.

ACT only accept our ACT ORS certified course

NSW only accept our NSW OLGR certified course.

VIC, TAS do not accept any of our online courses you need to do in class training in these states. 

To view more details about your states specific requirements click here

To buy any of the above courses click here

Q. I am travelling to Australia and want to work can I do my RSA online?

A. Yes No worries mate but Australia has different laws in every state so you need to check the requirements see answer to question above.
If you were planning to work down the East coast of Australia you would need  the four state certificate to cover QLD, WA, SA and NT, a NSW Certificate, and an ACT certificate
You would need to do in class training to work in Victoria.
Also click here or choose to work in a state that does.

Q. I am doing the 'National' certificate but there are videos and content about Queensland, am I doing the correct course?

A. Yes - there are examples in the 'National' course that include videos and  approaches taken in Queensland and other considerations such as Indigenous people and alcohol.  You should pay particular attention to your states specific content such as fines and legislation. 

Q. I am in the airline industry can I do online RSA training and what state do I need?

A. Online RSA training is accepted by all airlines  for flight attendants but recommend checking with your employer.  You should do the 4 state RSA.

Q. Do you have to be 18 or older to do your RSA online?

A. No any one can do their RSA online but you can only work in a bar if you are 18 or over.

Q. If you are serving but not selling alcohol do you still need a certificate?

A. Yes - liquor licenses and RSA cover "sell, serve and supply" so unless its a private event yes you need a certificate

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Q. Are there additional costs involved?

A. The enrolment fee is the only cost there are no hidden charges. If you make a mistake you will be given an opportunity to keep re-doing the assessment.

In NSW there is a $70 charge for a photo competency card which is included in the course cost.

Q. Are there cheaper online RSA courses available from competitors with the same features and benefits?

A. No - you get what you pay for - be careful some are just online enrolment for in class training, some you have to wait for an enrolment email, some you have to get your certificate posted and some are very boring and you don't learn much.

Q. Is the payment gateway secure?

A. Yes we use eWAY and have not had any problems from thousands of online transactions

Q. Can I pay online?

A. Yes via our secure payment gateway which accepts all major credit cards and PayPal

Q. Can I send a cheque, make a direct deposit or send a purchase order?

A. Yes please contact us for details

Q. Can someone else buy the rsa online course with their credit card and then use a different name for the student.

A. Yes when you have paid you can login to an existing account or create a new account.  If you create a new account remove the default name from payment and then enter the student name for the certificate.

Q. Can I purchase multiple copies of the RSA course and get a discount?

A. Yes if you buy >10 we can offer a 10% discount

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Q. Is enrolment into the online RSA course a separate process?

A. No you continue to enrol during the payment process and details from the payment are used as a default (you can change if needed).  As a backup you will receive a confirmation email with links to allow you to enrol but you do not need this if you enrol during payment.  If you can not find this email check your spam or junk email folder.  Note you do not need the email to enrol.

Q. Do I need to receive an email to enrol in online RSA?

A. No you can enrol during payment process but you will receive an email with details just the same.  Note check your spam or junk email.

Q. How do I enrol more than one student in an online RSA course if I bought more than one course?

A. You will be directed to a screen where by you can enter the names of each student and their email address or check your email and you will receive multiple enrolment codes.  Simply get each student to create a new account at the login screen and then go to the enrolment tab and enter one of the enrolment codes.  Note: detailed instructions will be emailed to you - please check your spam and junk email folders if it has not shown up within 5 minutes.

Q. How long does it take to chose an Online RSA course, buy and start training online?

A. The whole process should take less than 3 minutes.  With some of our 'competitors' however, this could take hours or days!

Q. Why do I need to enter my date of birth during payment and enrolment for online RSA?

A. For some RSA certificates you are required to have your date of birth on the certificate.  Your date of birth may also be used for identification purposes in case you need telephone support.

Q. What name will appear on my RSA certificate?

A. The student name that you use when setting up your account so please make sure that you spell your name correctly and use capitals

Q. I made a typo when spelling my name can I change it?

A. No - you will need to call or email support with your account details, identify your self and then support will be able to make the edits for you.

Q. The user name I entered was already taken what can I do about it?

A. You will have to choose another one - try adding some numbers on the end - the user name is not used on the certificate only for login purposes.

Q. I lost my password can I retrieve it?

A. Yes go to the login section and click the retrieve password link. Or to recover your password click here

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Q. Do I need to install software?

A. You don't need to install anything on your computer however, you will need the latest version of your preferred browser and flash installed.

Q. What browser do i need?

A. Compatible browsers include: Chrome (works best) / Safari / Internet Explorer 9 +

Q. How long does the online RSA course take to complete?

You can come and go as often as you please however, if you want to do it in one session most people take about 2-3 hours depending on your experience and internet speed and intellect.

Q. Do you do all of the RSA training online?

A. Yes

Q. Do I need broad band internet?

A. Yes there are some large movie files you need to watch.   You need to have a broadband connection with at least 512kbs or (0.5mbs) . To test your internet connection speed click here

Q. Do I need speakers?

A. Yes there is voice over you can listen too

Q. Can I come and go as often as I like and will the system remember where I am up to?

A. Yes make sure when you want to exit that you close the screen using the X button in the top right or exit back to the main menu - the next time you login the system will ask "do you want to start where you left off?" and you should answer yes.

Q. How do I save where I am up to?

A. When you login and do the course the system will remember where you are up to so that if you come back later you can start from that spot.

Q. Can I use a Mac or PC?

A Yes

Q. Can I use an internet cafe computer or a work computer?

A. Yes

Q. Can I use an Iphone or Ipad

A. Yes Ipads are compatible

Q. Is there training support if I get stuck?

A. Yes - Qualified trainers are available during business hours via email or telephone and after hours support is available via email

Q. Is there an assessment and is it online?

A. Yes - the assessment is online and includes multiple choice, drag and drop, choose the correct answer, fill in the gap, order the answers and link the correct boxes.

Q. Why won't my computer allow me to change my answer when I am re attempting the quiz?

A. Sometimes the Internet browser that you are using eg Internet Explorer or Google Chrome will store your answer in the background.  If you find that you can not change your answer you will need to clear your browser cache.  For instructions for most browsers click here

Q. How many times can I fail the same question?

A. You can only answer the same question incorrectly 3x and then you will be locked out until you talk with a qualified trainer who can assist you with your learning and explain how to unlock the system.

Q. How do I know which answers were wrong?

A. When you answer a question the system tells you if you got it right or not.  At the end of the assessment you will be able to review your answers and see the correct answer.  If you re take the assessment you will be given another set of random questions.

Q. Can  I review the content of a section again before taking the quiz?

A. Yes you can re do a topic at any time and you can navigate through any section via an index on the left hand side of the page.

Q. How long do I have to complete the training?

A. You have four weeks to complete the training after which we reserve the right to cancel your training.

Q. Is Online training as good as in class training?

A. Yes and in some cases like this online RSA course its better. In class training means you have to learn at the slowest students learning rate.  Online training is interactive, and allows students to spend more time on the areas that they find the most challenging.

Q. What about practical demonstration of skills?

A. Every establishment has its own "house policy" and you should familiarise your self with them and practice these in your place of employment.

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Q. How do I get my Certificate?

A. First of all you need to buy a course, enrol and complete the training including passing all of the online quiz sections. Then you need to complete a quick questionnaire so that we can improve the course as others before you have done. The certificate(s) are provided for the courses you enrolled in as a PDF file which you can print out  or login from another computer and print later or save and print. Once you complete the course to view the certificate go to the "My Courses" page and click on "My Certificate" link on the left, then follow the prompts.

Q. Is the RSA certificate in PDF format and can I save it to a memory stick?

A. Yes - the certificate(s) are in PDF format and you can save them.

Q. Can I print the RSA certificate to a printer?

A. Yes - you can print your RSA certificate to a colour printer.

Q. When can I print the RSA Certificate?

A. Once you have successfully completed all of the sections and passed all of the assessments for each section you will then need to complete an online satisfaction survey.  Then you will be able to click on the "My Certificates" tab, acknowledge the terms and conditions and then generate your PDF certificate(s) with your name on them.

Q. Where do I find the online RSA certificate(s)?

A. Click the "My Certificates" tab and they should be listed there provided you have completed all of the assessments successfully and completed the online survey.

Q.  I am concerned about how much beer is contributing to climate change is there something I can do?

Yes - you can repent your sins as a potential bar tender and donate to a climate change focused, not for profit charity and get your marginal rate of tax off the donation - for on the ground activism we recommend

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